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Calorie Restriction with High Nutrition is the best way to stay healthy. Calorie Restriction pioneer Dr. Roy Walford created a large following of CR practitioners and advocates, including me. His web site has a large amount of resources, including books and software you can buy. I've been using the Dr. Wolford's Interactive Diet Planner (DWIDP) software for about ten years. This helps me to get 10 mg vitamine E, 1000 mg of calcium, and the RDA amounts of about 30 other minerals and vitamines. I can't imagine not knowing if I'm getting my RDA amounts each day in my food. Even eating 3,000 calories, with a variety of foods, it would be hard to get 10mg vit. E. I try to keep my calories under 1800 per day. Filling up on vegetables like squash, spinach, broccoli, legumes. Whole wheat pasta with tomato clam sauce is a frequent dish. Clams are very high in iron, selenium, zinc, and copper, with few calories. Eight ounces of tomato puree has 30% of my vitamin E and more iron. Yogurt is necessary every day to give me 30% of my calcium.

Dr. Roy Walford

Calorie Restriction Society

Calorie Restriction Facts

Calorie Restriction Facts

Here you can search for nutrient values for over 6,000 foods, including packaged foods.
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